Beverly PattonFor decades Beverly Patton at Sheltair Aviation’s Fort Lauderdale FBO has been the “go to” person for solving problems – no matter the issue, complexity or challenge. So effective in her role Ms. Patton has become the standard of excellence in a service driven industry where how well you assist passenger and flight crew model determines whether you will succeed as a company providing aviation support services. As a result of her leadership Sheltair Aviation is announcing that this service veteran is being promoted to Client Services Ambassador. 

“Throughout her tenure Ms. Patton has greeted heads-of-state, world religious leaders, corporate CEOs and the student pilot with the same enthusiasm and care all these years. She has seen so many of the pilots grow up in the industry, each one of them touched by her professionalism, genuine interest and insight. No surprise she has been consistently recognized since 1997, by industry surveys that query those in general aviation about their experiences at the nation’s various airports,” stated Karen Kroeppel, Sheltair’s Director of Sales and Marketing. 

“For many she has been the heart and soul at Fort Lauderdale but we believe her passion in providing unsurpassed service can serve the entire company by appointing her as the company’s Client Relations Ambassador. She will focus on building and maintaining long lasting relationships with current customers across the Sheltair network in Florida, Georgia and New York. Under the direction of Dele e Matheus, Director of Customer Service, she will assist with the development of CSR training materials and programs and will also work with the Marketing Department to enhance our direct marketing efforts, and in acquiring new customers,” continued Ms. Kroeppel. 

“What I have learned over the years is to love the details, develop a network of resources, share what I know with others, and always prepare and be ready, for anything. Most importantly, you have to genuinely care about each other and doing what’s best for the customer,” stated Beverly Patton. She has worked for Sheltair since 1988 and said it is a dream come true to move beyond the counter at Fort Lauderdale to support and serve the customers and her teammates network-wide. 

Meet Sheltair Beverly at NBAA

The Barclays

From duffers attending The Barclays at the legendary Black Course on Long Island to those enjoying the U.S. Open in the shadow of Manhattan, Sheltair is welcoming sports fans from across the country and around the world as they arrive by air to attend these classic late summer events.

Karen Kroeppel, Sheltair’s Marketing Director, stated, “Our staff at JFK, LaGuardia and Republic Airport are all seeing a significant increase in arriving flights as these world class contests have an enthusiastic following.”

Many charter passengers arrive with sports gear in tow as they seek to make it a holiday given that Sheltair’s New York aviation facilities are conveniently located within minutes of court side in Queens and the greens at Bethpage Golf Course.

“When you combine these championship sports activities with the proximity to New York and the Hamptons it is clear that many of our passengers are here to celebrate the last burst of summer, and that means the aviation community has the means to once again demonstrate its critical role in boosting our economy,” continued Ms. Kroeppel.

Sheltair’s economic contribution

The PGA Tour’s arrival alone is expected to generate millions of dollars for the State of New York and Nassau County on Long Island, according to analysts.

Dr. Thomas Conoscenti, an economist with the Association for a Better Long Island (ABLI) observed, “Karen is correct when she states that the region’s aviation support companies ensure sports events like these bring a strong rate of return for the region.”

He cited a 2009 New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT) report that found infrastructure and security investments in the aviation sector helped generate $50 billion in economic activity in the state. The study looked at economic activity, jobs and taxes generated by the aviation sector and showed that it produced an impact far greater than the level of public investment required to maintain the infrastructure.

Approximately 394,500 jobs in New York State are related directly or indirectly to aviation, representing 4.6 percent of the 8.5 million jobs in the state. Payroll from aviation totals more than $18 billion, or two percent of total income in the state;

The report also showed that general aviation can provide businesses and individuals with access to air transportation, while relieving congestion at busy commercial service airports.

Kroeppel reminded, “Sheltair is proud of its role in providing the standard of excellence in aviation support services year around at these crucial New York airports; but when the US Open arrives and the PGA Tour steps off the plane, it becomes apparent to all that general aviation is also part of the dynamic sports economy.”

About Sheltair

Sheltair, a privately-owned aviation development company, operates 17 premier FBOs and manages over three million square feet of aviation related properties throughout Florida, Georgia and New York. Sheltair services include fueling, ground handling, hangar and office leasing and turn-key design/build of aviation properties.


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